The Furthest From Two Homes – Book One – Outline

Book One

Chapter I: The first chapter starts with describing the home of the Adler family. (Place Drouet d’Erlon) It describes the building, the street, and the details of outside. Devorah is trying to sleep. As Katharina attempts to move towards the door, Devorah asks Katharina to sing “that” song to her. It is Mozart’s Queen of the Night. Katharina sings it.

Chapter II: Katharina seduces Alden. It fails. Alden mentions Gustave Hoffman, and his persecutions upon the family. He mentions Devorah’s ignorance of Gustave Hoffman.

Chapter III: Devorah awakens, and remembers her dream. Katharina seduces Devorah, out of an attempt to show Devorah a more natural side. Devorah is less appalled, than she is amazed. Alden catches Katharina. Katharina cries in Alden’s arms.

Chapter IV: The Adler is brought to Paris. Alden is nervous throughout the trip. Chapter IV will describe the scenery around the carriage, and everything else in this stagnant scene. Katharina and Devorah sleep in the back seat.

Chapter V: Alden enters Bernard’s Inn. Gustave Hoffman drugs Alden with an opiate. Gustave Hoffman convinces Alden to abandon Devorah on the roadway to Paris, within the following week.

Chapter VI: Katharina and Devorah are browsing a clothing museum, in the 19th arrondissement, in the same area as Bernard’s Inn.

Chapter VII: Alden is carried to another inn, by Katharina and Devorah. At the inn, Katharina tends to Alden. After, Katharina takes fifty-francs and goes to Bernard’s Inn. Katharina discovers Gustave Hoffman. Gustave Hoffman chases the shocked Katharina into an alley, and embraces her.

Chapter VIII: Gustave Hoffman reluctantly admits that he’s been drugging Alden for many weeks. Devorah is introduced to Gustave Hoffman. Gustave Hoffman tells Katharina to meet him in Paris after today. Katharina concedes.

Chapter IX: The Adler family returns to Reims. Katharina is thinking on the whole trip.

Chapter X: Katharina goes to Paris, without Devorah. In Paris, Gustave Hoffman discusses with Katharina his plan. Katharina is loth to accept it.

Chapter XI: The eleventh chapter is abrupt. Alden is driving with Katharina, and Devorah, to Paris. Suddenly, Alden hurls Devorah to the road, abandoning her.

Chapter XII: Devorah makes her way to Paris. (chapter length: 2 – 2.5k words)

Chapter XIII: Devorah continues on her way to Paris. (chapter length: 2 – 2.5k words)

Chapter XIV: Devorah still continues on her way to Paris. (chapter length: 2 – 2.5k words)

Chapter XV: Devorah arrives at Bernard’s Inn, due to the map in her pack.

Chapter XVI: Devorah is beginning to be cared for, by Gustave Hoffman.

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