Visions of Escapism – Story #1 – Savored Moments (Category) – Psychedelic Horror

Ah! So, the mellow remain hollow, even in this tide of escapism. There should be no cause for depression, in the many contrasting colors, bordered by their outlines. Unveiling the clouds of confusion, a certain character is revealed among these contrasts. For every contour drawn wildly in disorder, there still mingles the love of discovery one claims as superior.

Antoine, who remains alone, confined before the walls of existence that plague the barriers of his mind. There is, beyond these walls, an even greater freedom he supposes would breed a raw nature of enjoyment. As it is, the chair his body is placed upon is too soft, and its comfort is too artificial. Antoine requires a wholesome view upon the nature of tranquility.

His eyes linger to the divided colors of paintings. His vision discovers the many hues, contrasting with the many shades; but still, there comes the endless confusion, hammering the walls that torment Antoine with anticipation. But these walls only represent his appetite for pleasure, blocked by the processes which must be taken to reach that destination. One shade of red is the shade of blood, but it may also be the tint of a woman’s rouge. Even of gentleness in the feminine expression, red becomes lighter and raises off the neck of one female; Antoine’s direction of obstinacy becomes tantamount, to these visualized generalizations of wonderful creatures. Then so, Antoine sinks further into the softness of the chair.

This escapism makes up the whole of his efforts. Stress becomes the shell to break free from, as are the walls to his mind that hold the inevitable truths beyond. Scents become rancid, and sights become morbid. But there is also another vivid certainty to the crisis displayed here. These paintings are ancestors from another time. The confusion of any ordinary observer situates all viewpoints on one center. For Antoine is no different than the most ordinary receivers of art. Such crudeness in these portraits; such an envelopment of candor, typical for reception, should the receiver understand the bequeathing of beauty upon descendants.

Now, the colors begin to distort! All the proven theories of gravity, which remain unproven to the disbeliever of science, begin to prove themselves once more, as the paint becomes a liquid again, and slips free from the outlines. There is a scent of oils, and turpentine, being dragged across the air into Antoine’s nostrils. He is enriched in this perfume, as decadent as the artist who wrote these streams upon the canvas. What beauty, now becomes distortion. Antoine is not one to be surprised, even as he sits musing on this sight, fathoming only another side to his spirit. His mind is reserved for the time in which it took for colors to be made existent, and for these existing colors to shape themselves as a portrait.

How, he wonders, could the world transform itself from the dullness of opposites, to the masterful implication of diversity? What answer will be welcomed?

Here he remains transfixed on the colors which pool upon the floor, offering the room a taste of the avant-garde. The time spent in mixing the colors into a desired shape strikes Antoine with a sense of wonderment. As we regress to that statement, we entreat ourselves to comprehend the magnitude of the intended time needed to form ideas. This pool of liquid upon the carpet seeps through the fibers and into the wooden floor beneath.

He endeavors to make sense of the situation.

What could be the meaning in the desire to discover the underlying meaning?

Next, the colors are lifted, and drastically materialize an apparition before Antoine. There is a hazy stream of smoke raising up to the ceiling. It is hard for Antoine, in such a time as the early 20th century, to fully understand the ghastly shape morphed before him. It speaks of a time where the wheel of colors saturates the surreal visions of one induced on opiates. This is the drugged haze of escapism! This is the mortality embedded in discovery, when finding that that the pleasurable effects are needless in comparison to the bigger picture.

Antoine looks upon this uproar of emotion. The apparition he witnesses, is viewed with profound confusion, within the shadowed realms of the unknown. Antoine is neither appalled, nor made aware of the ongoing perplexity his countenance expresses. But, he continues to stare at the images before him. The ghostly sequence of manifestations are the artistic imaginings in the ongoing diversity of artistic rebellion. It is enough to murder the past as a demon will make off with a heart of purity. But, the artist cannot materialize optimism in this void of distress. Such a hideous outpouring of distortion is only reserved for corruption at the core of a suffering soul.

Relinquish the madness, one might say to the artist in their attempt to fathom the ongoing realm of darkness. You shall only languish within this strangeness, speaks another.

Fatherly advice given to the artist never takes precedence over the darkness of a soul.
Antoine becomes mesmerized in heated distortion. The distortion before his eyes, he deems as images of a distant future. It is a future, that he knows will not be realized within his life. But, what he eventually comprehends is the universal world of escapism.

That which remains as trivial as fleeing from danger, is understood as being spread in the air, above the road to escapism in which many travel. Escapism is meant to identify the unordinary, that provides the sustenance, through which character is recognized as a product of circumstance. When someone places their finger on any specific number, which represents a time, there is the grouping of certain events; there is the realization that each moment of control is paralyzed by sheer escapism. The truest of dangers remain uncontrollable, and the many that lead to dreamy prosperity linger in trivial purpose, by not comprehending this absolute.

Antoine relishes in this dreamy comprehension. He draws out a single color, through a horrific separation from its own world. He aims to place the future into his soul. The deliberate identification of his spirit is something only realized once the road of confusion has been walked. The will to appease the insecurities in this man’s mind, makes itself useful with the ingredient of honesty, added to the soul. Forever, the lives of the future watch the past where Antoine remains, before birthed through the spiritual process of life. Antoine is merely the used.

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