One Silver Pail

As slender, a waist may be grasped,
Beauty dropped its weight whole,
Upon the ballroom’s floor.

What hair sparkled red!
What cheeks, white with dread!
I had thought you dead!
But a wicked tongue stays with me.

I sought to examine the night,
Fit with the anguish of blight.
The claws of my fingers,
Knew of their purpose,
To take hold of a moment.

You, with fragile limbs,
Wanted so dearly, to escape.
Your spirit, sent free,
From the disasters, of me.

I spy the curtain drawn,
About your velvet torso.
My hand reaches down,
Through a soul, befouled.
It was momentous,
How smooth is the silk,
My desires wept,
At every moment kept.

I dug deep, through the skin,
Found a beating heart,
I measured your life,
By its remnants.

There was the shock,
The worth, you mocked.

To destroy, I must destroy!

I squeezed. Yes, I squeezed.
I longed, merely longed.
To turn atrocious,
By the bowels of disgrace.

There was nothing, to desire more,
To end our love, upon the floor.

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