Immaculacy, then Filthy

Julie and Edmond have returned home to a quiet abode. A quaint old home of rustic bricks with black slating for a roof; the smell of burnt wood always permeates in the air. A child welcomed into the smell of this home is always met with jolly laughter and smiles.

Minette skips around the hallway, humming a tune to herself. Her frail innocence is admirable, like a dove hovering in solitude, the pure look in her eyes pass over the only world known to her. Julie looks towards her daughter and sighs, a sigh of pleasure in which it was. She tilts her head, and smiles; her eyes sparkle, as a woman’s eye does when observing something beautiful.

Edmond walks past the aforementioned spectacle, and proceeds to the kitchen. His fingers brush against the wooden countertop, and a deep sigh is released from his lungs. He pauses in position and raises his head. ‘Julie, where you are?’ asks Edmond loudly.

‘Oh, I am here, my husband,’ says Julie who lightly steps into the kitchen. Her features are glowing and her lips are smiling. ‘What can I do for you?’ she asks as though ready to take a command.

‘Nothing. I only wish to know what you are to do for the rest of the night,’ replies Edmond.

Julie’s hands clasped at her lap, stands in the hallway. A lantern on the wooden countertop flickers its light and several moths hover about the flame. This woman’s body gains a great illumination from the lantern, whereas half of Edmond’s face is shrouded in shadows. The distant sound of an owl hooting is heard, as well as the sound of crickets chirping.

‘Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll see to Minette, and get her ready for sleep,’ says Julie as she retains her perpetual smile. This smile conceals a profound sadness; for what other purpose has a mask to do?

Julie turns around on her heel and approaches Minette. ‘Minette, come with me, my dear,’ she says in a tone of softness.

‘Okay, mother,’ says Minette willingly.

Julie lifts her daughter into her arms, and walks rapidly up the stairs and enters Minette’s bedroom. Minette’s small fingers grasp onto Julie’s baby blue evening gown.

Julie places her daughter on the floor, and walks over to the wardrobe. Inside are manifold fabrics upon fabrics of a bright red velvet – the favorite color of Minette. Though for tonight, Julie pulls out a chiffon night gown, and hands it to Minette. ‘Put this on,’ says Julie.

Minette complies.

Julie exits Minette’s bedroom after kissing her goodnight, and notices Edmond standing in front of her not a foot away. ‘Oh, Edmond, I did not see you there.’

Edmond then proceeds to wrap his arms around her body, seemingly captivated by her. He lifts her into his arms, while she laughs and submits to him; the fingers of one hand curl over her neck. Julie throws her own arms around Edmond’s chest and back. She squeals with delight. Edmond carries her into his own bedroom, and places her on the soft white sheets.

Soon, there are the desirous moments of the clawing at skin, and the inhaling of fragrance that Edmond von Voclaire enjoys, and Julie submits to. She smiles, she laughs, and she enjoys it as well. Julie chuckles at every movement of his; Edmond devours Julie with a gluttonous hunger. There is no misery in marriage when there are marriages for pure enjoyment, though for the one who thinks clearly, he or she could desire what marriage should be.

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